Ruined of the Night

This is a valley in a lake that is often not accessible during the winter because of danger of Avalanches.\nIn Norway there is actually a lot of nature that is privately owned, like this place however still available for the public to come and see.\nwe came up here for a little fishing and picnic.\nThis is a place that I fell in love with and would like to revisit if possible.\nyou can see the valley was formed by glaciers long ago,the lake was nice an shallow you can see most of the rocks under the surface.\nthese are two exposures blended together to give more details in the cloud, then I darkened a lot of aspects to make it a bit more moody.\n\nyou can follow me here or at \n \nLike, Favorite, Comment, Share, Enjoy! =D\n

Uploaded: Feb 7, 2016

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Tags: beautiful, bloodmoon, boat, carved, decay, deserted, europe, lake, lush, milky way, moon, mountains, night, norge, noruega, norvege, norway, norwegen, old, rotten, ruins, sinking, sky, summer, sunken, super blood moon, super moon, water, wrecked, wrecked boat

published 2 years ago