Stuffed herring


- herring (choose large, to make it easier to stuff) – 1 PC.
- carrots – 1/2 (or 1, but a little)
- chicken egg – 1 PC.
- processed cheese – 40 g
- butter – 20 g
- olive oil – 25 ml


1. Need a good wash carrots. Boil it.

2. While carrots cook, put cottage cheese in the fridge.

3. Herring clean the intestines and bones to get a clean fillet (2 pieces). The tail do not throw away immediately, it can become a great decoration.

4. Now you need to act carefully with a sharp knife, make jewelry and cut the pulp to leave a wall thickness of about 5 mm fillet).

5. Prepare the meat: the flesh of herring mixed with carrot, egg, melted butter. Get the cheese out of the refrigerator (step 2) and three on a large grater. All the ingredients of the stuffing, combine and mix well.

6. In order not to dirty the table (Board), cover the surface with foil, grease liberally with olive oil. Lay 1 strip of herring fillets.
Put the stuffing on top and tightly wrap the second piece. Wrap in cling film and put into the fridge for about half an hour.

7. Before giving on a table to liberate herring from the film and cut into pieces. You can decorate your favorite herbs.
Bon appetit!

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