Audio Bully 27.01.2009

Audio Bully from Colin Murray's show - 27.01.2009

Disney Chorus - 'Pink Elephants On Parade' (Disneyland)
Spaced clip
Captain Kirk clip
William Shatner - 'Common People'
Pulp – 'Common People' (Island)
80s BBC1 trail
Bruce Lee clip
Chinese gongs
Gorillaz - 'Dirty Harry' (Schong Chinese New Year remix)
Kill Bill clip
Karate Kid
Ask A Ninja
Babel Fish (from Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)
Nero - 'Space 2001' (Reformed)
Hal from 2001
Disney Chorus - 'Pink Elephants On Parade' (Disneyland)
James McFadden scores for Scotland
The Rock wrestler
Ken Nordine – 'Green' (Asphodel)
TV on the Radio – 'Heroes' (Parlophone)
Kill Bill – 'Superman'
Life of Brian trail
Jaydiohead – 'No Karma'
Radiohead – 'Karma Police' (acoustic)
Easy Star All Stars – 'Karma Police' (Easy Star)
Radiohead – 'Karma Police' (Parlophone)
Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Day today Chris Morris
Herb Albert – 'Casino Royale' (A & M)

Jose Gonzalez & The Books – ‘Cello Song’ (4AD)
Big Train clip
Noel Gallagher – 'This Guy’s In Love With You' (live)
The Office
Mistabishi – 'Printer Jam' (Hospital)
Eddie Izzard – 'Printers'
Little Britain – 'Computer Says No'
Fleet Foxes – 'White Winter Hymnal' (Middx remix)
Radio Waves
Benjamin Zephaniah – 'The Wrong Radio Station'
Hot Chip – 'Transmission' (Parlophone)
The Office
Foo Fighters – 'Times Like These' (acoustic)
Clint Mansell and Slash – The Wrestler
Al Pacino – 'Any Given Sunday'

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