Sometimes they are so sorry ...

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The director of the Omsk series "Bastards" Paul Latushkin deep in his heart began to regret his actors.
It's a pity because the shooting is not eternal, and when the second season is a snapshot, you need to mount it and prepare it for the exit (to the premiere), and my "kids" return to normal normal life and the fairy tale will end ... the next shootings should be in the next summer ... therefore And it's a pity, because on the set, each of us opens up, each one is an individual, and only on the shooting it's noticeable, noticeable to every person and we are very happy, without envy and greed, all for the sake of talent)))
But do not get bored ... it may happen that the actors and heroes meet again in the SEASONS AND I can release various video blogs and mini-series to the series))), in order to tell in detail about the universe of the universe of the Other Reality !!!

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