The Deaf Child's HeartBreak

The misguided professionals believe that that early intensive speech training, the benefits of Auditory Verbal Therapy on the Deaf child’s residual hearing and the Deaf child’s increasing ability to hear will result in better educational achievement. They also discouraged the use of Sign Language, believing that the Deaf child’s signed language is responsible for educational failure.

None of that is true. Denying Deaf children to have access to a signed language for their first language development during the critical period is an illogical move and is considered a crime to humanity. There is an abundance of scientific evidence that the earlier the Deaf child learns a signed language as a first language, the more access he will have to pick up information about the world around him. To be strictly forbidden to use a signed language during the early part of their lives, most of them will be doomed to meager existence as adults along with poorly developed cognition that stay with them for the rest of their lives. Yet it is still happening in many cities across the nation. Hence the Deaf Child's heartbreak!

Drawn by Tami Davidson

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Denying me the access to signing usually drew further from the person who tried to relate to me.