Kala Patthar Panorama (16:9)

Nuptse, which stands at 7,861 meters (or 25,791 feet), dominates the view from about halfway up Kala Patthar – perhaps the most famous location from which to view Mt. Everest.. The Khumbu icefield is visible along the bottom of this sixteen-to-nine (16:9) panorama. Mt. Everest is not visible from Base Camp, so Kala Patthar (5,643 meters, or 18,514 feet), a walk of a few hours from Base Camp, is a preferable spot to get photos of the highest mountain on Earth. In this shot, Everest is still hidden behind the mountain on the left, but a climb of another hour or so took me to the top of Kala Patthar, and from there, Everest dominated the scene.

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