Kud 14. Oktobar-Crna Gora

Game ethnic Montenegrins called it, which is known forms such Crmnički Oro, Zeta Oro, Katunska Oro and Oro Rijeka. This is more than gathering community and playing in his most serious sense. Typically, young men and women closer to a circle / round / and began to sing, usually in the form of mockery to someone on the other side and tease him to enter the round and start the game. One of the bravest young men entering the round and starts to play in the style of imitation eagle. The goal is to win, just like in every modern disco. The audience responds immediately return song, which was commendable or breach it mocks. Soon he joins the girl, often very personal girlfriend or someone I was attracted game guy. It also mimics an eagle, but on a much more elegant way. The crowd continued to cheer the players. When a couple gets tired, they kiss each other on the cheek, and another couple jumps in the round, while the audience singing continues without interruption. Usually young guys end up Montenegrin oro in two rounds, standing on each other's shoulders in a larger circle, which is the most recognizable scenes, which is excellent for shooting the entire game.

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