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The American Staffordshire Terrier, also known as Stafford, is a dog breed of medium size with short hair. It is one of several races known as Pit Bulls, and has long been known throughout history. Wikipedia
Lifetime: 10-12 years
Place of Origin: United States
Temperament: Irresistible, Odan, Friendly, Dedicated, Brave, Attentive
Weight: female: 28 kg to 40 kg, male: 28 kg to 40 kg
Height: female: 43 cm to 46 cm, male: 46 cm to 48 cm
Colors: Black, Tigra, Srneća, Plava, Smeđa,
The American Staffordshire Terrier (AMSTAF) according to the internationally recognized FCI Standard dog has incredible strength (relative to its size), muscular and firm body structure that allows it to be fast and agile.

They are exceptionally stable, brave and intelligent dogs. Good pets adore owners, and they are protective of children. Proven good athletes, but they are equally well in the role of guard dogs or therapeutic dogs.
Are "Staffords" dangerous dogs?

Taking all of the above into consideration for a reason, one should ask: Why, with the pit bulls, American Staffordshire terriers in a bad voice?

We have said several times that they are not dangerous dogs, but irresponsible owners. All the above mentioned breeds will become only with the owner who has experience with dogs and will not allow the breeding of this breed of excellent predisposition in the wrong direction.

When the 'staffers' are irresponsible owners, they are not only those who use dogs in dog battles, but everyone who acquires American Staffordshire Territories solely because of their physical appearance, not thinking seriously about them.
Temperament dogs

More specifically, ignoring the fact that it is a breed which in terms of temperament differs significantly from most other dogs that are kept as pets. This means that they need to pay much more attention to socialization, dressage and training.

For example, the American Staffordshire Terrier is an intelligent dog, aware of his strength. As such, it does not recognize foreign territories, but it is always trying to impose itself as the main one.

Some owners answer this, so they let their dog solve the thing in the meadow, which is a completely unacceptable approach that brought this breed to a bad vote.

Also, it is often said that the dogs are peaceful dogs who are in good agreement with their children. This is true, but being peaceful towards children does not mean that they will automatically be peaceful towards other people, and especially towards dogs.

The members of the AMSTAF Zagreb cynological club on its website state that this breed, like all terriers, is quite fierce, and as such can be irritating to other dogs.

As none of the above would have happened, it is important to socialize and properly raise them before. This dog will then become a perfect companion who will fit well with other dogs.

Socialization of puppies in general, and especially such breeds must begin as soon as possible.

This means that a dog needs to get to know people in various life roles (policemen, firefighters, postmen, joggers, bikers, people with umbrellas ...), different ages, genders, and animals (not just dogs) and sounds.
Dressing a dog

Dogs of this breed, as a rule, prefer to tidy the owner and learn incredibly fast, but they have a stubborn streak. The best coaches are characterized by persistence, patience, firmness and peace; They are quick to boast and mildly corrected.

A patented and persistent owner will convince his staffer that he is stubborn to him and the dog will soon accept the owner's ideas as if he were his own, "members of the Kennel Club AMSTAF Zagreb are quoted on their website.
Intensive training

In addition to socializing and learning basic obedience orders for American Staffordshire Terriers, intensive physical training should be provided daily throughout your life.

They are therefore recommended for active and recreational athletes, bikers, rollers, and they can spend a lot of energy competing in various dog disciplines such as agility.

In addition to physical training, they need to provide different mental exercises such as looking for subjects on a daily basis.
Potential nightmare

Get an American Stafford Terrier just because it is popular or nice looking, but neglecting it, expecting that the dress and training will be obeyed by the wrong approach.

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a perfect dog only for a determined and experienced owner who knows what he wants and is willing to invest a lot of effort and time to get it.

Otherwise, such a dog instead of a perfect pet may become the worst nightmare of the owner. As a result, these dogs are not recommended for owners who are just entering the dog world.

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