The noisy silent

I was deaf. I could not hear anything, anyone. I was the guy standing there, looking at the crowd. There were so many people walking around.

The cause of the lack of hearing ability was the overwhelming noise emitted by feet on the ground, by sound waves from playing trumpets and by screaming voices leading to burst into laughter.

So I was deaf and then?

I stopped. I looked at my left and there was a bench.

I immediately thought of a cold drink or a hot coffee. To sit and to be in peace.

Why didn't I do it?

I stayed still and thought. Ah yes because she was waiting, urging to go home and sleep.

I then realised that my vision was focused on something special. A meaning or a symbol.

I remained at my position. I saw them walking. So many steps, overlapping stress.

I felt as encaged. I was the observer of other lives by night in a small city, in a proximity of a beautiful lake painted in black with some dots and traces of reflected light, chained to the ground, in the old side of the town.

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