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The old bridge has a pronounced onion 4 meters wide and 30 meters long that its height of 24 meters, the highest point, is dominated by the Neretva River. On each end with one defensive tower, Hellebija in the northeast and the southwest of Tara, which together are called "Mostar" (customs officers on the bridge by which the city is named). The bow is made of local stone "tenelija", and its shape is the product of many irregularities that have occurred deformation of the intrados (the inner line of the arch). He can be described as a circle that is from both sides pressed. Instead of foundations, bridge rests on abutments vapnenčkom that the level of the river continue to walls that carry towers. Abutments are high 6.53 meters (in the summer water level), and the arc of them begins decorative Simo high 32 cm, from it's arch 12.02 meters high.

Given that much of the data about its construction mystery, such as the issue that has been raised its wooden structure, as the stone transported to the site, and that the wooden struts endured nine year old building, it can be considered one of the greatest architectural achievements of its time.The bridge was commissioned by the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in 1557 to replace the old wooden suspension bridge that proved to be unstable . Construction began the same year and lasted nine years , which can be read from the inscription on the bridge for the year end lists 974 a year in the Islamic calendar ( around 1567 ) .

There is little official data on its construction and there are only legends of builder Hajrudin , a student of the great Turkish architect Sinan. He is reportedly under threat of death , in case of failure , had to build this bridge . According to legend , the architect was preparing for his funeral on the day of removal of the wooden structure .During the Bosniak-Croatian conflict in Mostar, the bridge represented the only link between the eastern bank of the river, under supervision of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a small part of the city on the right bank which was under Bosniak control.

Demolished on 9 November 1993. It soon leaked to the public image of the bridge demolition. Most of the world's media immediately demolition accused the units of the HVO. ICTY failed to prove that the HVO destroyed the bridge. It is suspected that it has collapsed the Bosnian Army and transferred to the Croats, but to date no one from the HVO has claimed responsibility for the destruction of the bridge. [1]

Currently the demolition of the Old Bridge judge HVO commander, Slobodan Praljak by the International Tribunal for War Crimes in the "Prlic and others" as one count of the indictment as part of the joint criminal enterprise to create an ethnically pure Croatian state from parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina [2].

General Praljak has long been trying to prove that the bridge did not collapse grenade HVO already placed explosives, and in June 2008, three experts from Zagreb, defense witnesses, the court is satisfied that at the time when the bridge was destroyed, with the HVO positions on it not fired missiles [3]. Praljak claims that the bridge was destroyed by activating an explosive charge set on the left bank of the Neretva, where the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the tape bridge collapse is evident the moment the explosion, but no projectile was not visible.

The prosecution on the other hand showed evidence of the mounting clip of the defense, letting the original clip is longer by 50 seconds from the one presented by the defense, after which the defense witness Slobodan Jankovic changed his mind. Namely, after the prosecutor Kimerly West during the cross-examination showed a longer recording of 9 November 1993 showing the explosion identical to the inserts that were used by defense witnesses, but also to the bridge, though heavily damaged, is still standing, witness's confidence was rocked. The fact that the old bridge to longer recording crashes minute and 50 seconds after the "wall of water" caused by the alleged explosion in the Neretva River, the witness later tried to explain the new theory: that is, in fact, was a two detonations set explosives, with the former not successful and another is not recorded

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