The Cereal Killers

The Cereal Killers
Late one night I was wanting something to snack on and just not anything, something sweet. I’ve looked in the fridge and nothing there that I was wanting. I looked in the kitchen cabinets and again nothing. I sat back down on the couch and just sat there complaining that we had nothing that was sweet to snack on. A while later in silence I just out of nowhere cracked up. I know. I am weird. Anyhow there I was just laughing. To my partner I was laughing for no reason. I had a reason, I just didn’t say anything at first. Once I was able to stop laughing for a moment I then told my partner why was I was just cracking up so hard. "I was like “Won’t eating cereal make me a cereal killer?” That is when I knew I needed to place my mind on something and that is when I created this piece.

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