LDLC.White Fuk5 vs Property (Dreamhack Open 2015 Tours Qualifiers)

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LDLC Fuk5 vs Property (Dreamhack Open 2015 Tours Qualifiers)

Simon 'Fuks' Florysiak

[Glitch Hop] - Protostar - Genesis [Monstercat Release]

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Today DreamHack is excited to release the open qualifiers for the first stop of DreamHack Open Tours! DreamHack Open Tours is happening May 9-10th live at DreamHack Tours will feature 8 top CS:GO teams competing for $40,000.

DreamHack Open Tours will feature four seeded teams, two qualified through BYOC, and the last two last spots will be through online qualifiers, hosted by FACEIT. On Saturday the 11th and 18th of April there will be two open qualifiers, with the top two of each advancing to a closed playoff, where they will be joined by four invited teams.

On April 20th the closed playoffs will start with the BO3 quarter finals, and on 21st and 22nd of April the two BO5 semi finals will be played to determine the two qualified spots.

Sign up today to secure your chance to participate in the qualifiers and earn your shot at being the next DreamHack Open champion!

The full schedule is:
Sat. 11 April, 14:00 CEST: Open Qualifier #1
Sat. 18 April, 14:00 CEST: Open Qualifier #2
Mon. 20 April, 18:00 CEST: Quarter Finals #1 & #2 (BO3)
Mon. 20 April, 21:00 CEST: Quarter Finals #3 & #4 (BO3)
Tue. 21 April, 19:00 CEST: Semi Final #1 (BO5)
Wed. 22 April, 19:00 CEST: Semi Final #2 (BO5)


Daniel "ddk" Kapadia

Jack "Jacky" Peters



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