Coffee in the old days

I had to paint this detail from his cup ...
Coffee (tur. Kahve) or coffee, hot beverage from ground roasted coffee, popular and widespread throughout the world. It is made of special fine grain brown color, which grow at a special eponymous stem plants in ekvatorijanim, the warmer parts of the world (Colombia, Brazil). We can distinguish two main types of grains, which differ according to different criteria (grain size, the amount of flavor, price):

Arabica - traditional kahva
Robusta - with a greater amount of caffeine in the seeds. It is grown in climates where arabica well fails, and is also used as a cheaper substitute for arabic.
Coffee and coffee is completely not usually made from 100% Robusta, because of bitter-sour taste Robusta, but is mixed with a certain amount of Arabica and so, as a mixture, goes a long way from Latin America to a cup of coffee lovers all over the world.

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