Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Start the hand draw, after scanning the pc and edit PS with Genius pen pad.
inspiration from

Yonderboi: Sustainable Development

I want to believe in the nobility of the human spirit.
I want to believe the horrors we witness and the misery we feel is
The manifestation of a dark demon's death rattle,
A demon that has marched ruthlessly across the planet for far too long.
I want to believe that we can no longer be seduced by it's false promises
And as a result, it has fallen, never to rise again.
I want to believe that we will grant the beast a decent burial,
And will show it the respect it does not deserve.
I want to believe that we will mark it's passing with the scattering of
And in no way seek revenge as it would have wished.
I want to believe that in our newfound glory no new beast will take it's
And we can stand alone,
Proud, yet wise enough not to let this feeling lead to a fall.
I want to believe that we can recognize each other,
Befriend one another,
Love one another,
And be certain that these new feelings will grow,
A gentle expanding universe with no boundaries.
I want to believe that we will fully deserve our place in this new eden.
I want to believe.
I want to believe all of these things.
I want to believe all of these things and more.
But, you caught me at a bad moment and I can't (and I can't)

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