Close Up from a Lipica Horse

Lipica is the origin of the Lipizzan horse. The Lipizzan breed as known today was fully developed in the time of Maria Theresa of Austria, whose husband was greatly interested in horse-breeding. During the Napoleonic wars, the stud farm was relocated to Székesfehérvár.[4] In 1802, an earthquake struck Lipica, killing large numbers of horses.[4] The stud farm was relocated to Đakovo in 1805, to Pecica (near Mezőhegyes) in 1809, to Laxenburg during the First World War, and then to Kladruby nad Labem.[4] After the First World War, when Lipica was awarded to Italy, most of the horses were returned to Lipica.[4] On 16 October 1943, the stud farm and 178 horses were relocated to Hostouň.[4] After the Second World War, the farm had only 11 horses; all of the others had been confiscated by the Germans during the war.[citation needed] In the 1960s, Lipica was opened to tourists and new development began.

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