mushroom Rujnica

The cap is 5-12 cm wide and more or less fleshy. The youth is convex, later becoming depressed as a funnel and take the orange-red color. They are clearly visible concentric circles, which, when mushrooms grow old, become green stains. Then the edge of the twists and hat posting spreadable. The gills are dense, orange, and when pressed, become greenish. The stem is 3-8 cm tall, cylindrical shape, and the bottom is a little thinner. Orange is the color. It's full of fungus and the young, but becomes hollow when she is old. Meat is a very pleasant smell

The spores are elliptical, brown color, size 7-9x6-7 microns.

Rujnić can be replaced with a number of similar, but edible species (L.salmoneus, L.sanguifluus, L.semisanguifluus). It is also possible to change the Brezovka (Lactarius torminosus), which is toxic, but which grows under birch and has hair on the entire hat, and no orange-colored milky juice.

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