Speria Whisper [Original Character]

So a while back, I adopted this character from Unexplained-Killer on deviantART and I only just now got around to doing anything!

Name: Speria Wispier
Age: 16 (my first teenage character)
Sex/Gender: Female
Family: (currently) Un-named Parents and a 4-year-old sister named Perite (who she hated at first but grown to love and basically be best-friends)
Home-schooled alongside her sister (different stuff of course)
Likes: "Retro" stuff (8-bit games, tye-dye, bell-bottom jeans, basically she's your age 90's kid XD)

This was the first time I tried so many different things about my art:
- Trying to make my own style and not just use the "Cal-Arts" style (what would you call it XD It's the style Disney, Cartoon Network, and Nick all do)
- Made on my phone with the same program I use on my computer (MediBang Paint's Android app has all the stuff the desktop one has) and a touch-screen stylus pen
- Non-normal hair color XD
- Adding my own watermark instead of using dA's.

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Uploaded: Aug 14, 2016

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