Septiceye Mythology
AKA Septicthology

The story of Septicthology came to our knowledge in 2012 when the last Bossatronian came to us. All information before that time has been provided to us by a young man that goes by the name Jacksepticeye.

Long ago, there was a world settled just outside the YTG Universe called Bossatronia. But just before Bossatronia was accepted into the YTG Universe, it was destroyed. All was lost except for one. Jack and his trusted friend Septic Eye Sam escaped the wrath of the Billyans and made it to the closest world in the YTG Universe. From there his stories of Bossatronia were brought to us in Septicthology. He told stories of the land and all its greenness and how it rained potatoes. He told the story of how he and Sam became friends. He talked about his Twisty Fresh Nipples which was a very new concept to us Humans. We asked for more detail on the "Twisty Freshness", but he said it was too complex for us Humans to even begin to understand.

Sam was his very own eye that became infected and turned septic, it crawled out and a new eye grew in its place. His new Septic Eye, he named Sam, grew beyond the confines of it's small jar. Gained flight and the ability to shoot a green laser. These are special Septic Eyes knows as Septic Boss Eyes. Only eyes of the Bossatronio Family (Royal Family in Bossatronia) can become Septic Boss Eyes.

Here on Earth, we have people we refer to as bosses. They may appear to be human but they are a Human/Bossatronian hybrid. They have higher boss levels and "Twisty Freshness" than a normal human. They are considered the supporters of the Bossatronians due to being weaker and having no special traits. We often asked him to tell us how we Humans could become a Boss. His statement to that was that you have to be born with the bossness to be a true Boss.

Be careful. There might be someone who claims to be a Boss but don't have that same "Twisty Freshness" that a real Boss has. They are imposters. And take extra caution. They might just be a Billyan, searching for every Boss and destroying them on their quest to find the last Bossatronian.


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