Pear fruit

Mug is a genus of woody plants in the family Rosaceae, whose self-titled fruits are used in human nutrition. The species of the genus grow in temperate regions of Europe, Asia and Africa. The trees are of medium height (10-17m), mostly deciduous, with simple and alternately arranged leaves (length 2-12sm). The fruit is a special form of berries - pomum, with a single-layer (in species of Sect. Pyrus) or multilayer epidermis (for species in Sect. Pashia) and often many sklereidima (stone cells). The taxonomic genus is divided into two sections mentioned.
"Wild" species of the genus Pyrus can hybridize, similar to other genera in the subfamily of apple (Maloideae), but vast areas of these species do not overlap and thus the occurrence of hybridization was prevented. With the Neolithic expansion of agriculture, people artificially brought into contact "wild" species and begin domestication. There are two names for the domesticated (domestic) pear - Pyrus communis (European) and Pyrus pyrifolia (Far East).
These two species (and their cultivars) were created through two independent domestication process, pre 500. p. n. e. Some cultivars of European pear home may have been incurred by hybridization with the species P. communis P. reqelii.
Pear is genuine and high-quality brandy - Pear (pear brandy), a famous Kruškova spirits of pear varieties. Except for brandy, pear used in the preparation of compotes, jams, marmalade, sweet, and the addition of various fruit cakes.

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