Brisol - very tasty snack

Brisol. You know what this is ? Brisol is minced meat, fried in egg. You can wrap any filling. This is a very delicious and beautiful. A great appetizer for the holiday table.


- minced beef - 800 g
- mayonnaise - 200 g
- large tomatoes - 2 PCs.,
- garlic - 3-4 cloves,
- eggs - 10 pieces,
- vegetable oil for frying,
- herbs, salt and pepper


Beef mince 2-3 times, add salt, pepper and one egg
The stuffing is divided into 10-13 balls
Beat eggs with a whisk (10 not beat, start with 7, then, if anything, will add)
Take two sheets of cellophane, one of them put one serving of minced meat, cover with another sheet of paper on top. Smooth out with a knife the meat into a thin pancake.
This is a very convenient way. With a rolling pin for this result is not achieved. And even if they roll over you, then pans to not carry...
In a shallow dish pour a little of the beaten egg.
Remove the top layer of cellophane with minced meat
and overturn in a bowl with egg. Remove the last layer of cellophane and leave it for the next batch.
In a hot pan pour a little stretch. oil and gently spread the minced meat with the egg. You can help hand if the stuffing a little will stick to the plate
Fry on one side over medium heat.
Turn the meat down and fry the other side.

Spread on a platter egg down.
Mayonnaise with garlic, ketchup, sprinkle with cheese (if you like), tomatoes, I have cucumber and added onions.
Fold gently roll.
That was not disclosed, it is possible to tie how I (onion) or pierce with a toothpick

Bon appetit!

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