The Cove

The galactic centre of the Milky Way sets to the west of a small cove at Pukerua Bay on the North Island of New Zealand.

I’ve been waiting a few months to capture the Milky Way in the right position at this location, and finally I got my chance on a perfectly clear winter’s morning recently. It meant getting up at 3.30am and being set up to shoot at the location at 5am. The crescent moon had risen just before the shoot, and that helped with lighting up the landscape of the cove. I had to shoot 20 images with a 24mm lens to capture the full field of view of the scene I wanted, and then stitched them together to make the one complete image.

For the tech specs - 20 images stitched together, each image shot on a Canon 6d and a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens at 24mm focal length. Exposure 25 seconds shutter @ f/3.2 ISO 6400

Uploaded: Jun 18, 2015

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Tags: astrophotography, Milky Way, landscape, nightscape, New Zealand

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Beautiful picture



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Beautiful. so beautiful.