Mono Realism Dali Art

Okay, this was accidental. Why? I’m pretty much into spontaneous realism nowadays because firstly I’m impatient, secondly, I’m messy, thirdly, I’m a girl, hence, fickle, so I like abstract and realism combined. And fourthly, I’m into raw emotional strokes rather than “oh I have to strive for it to be real and flawless” you know?

Dali was intended to be spontaneous like Amy, however, I got too caught up and the process became too “soft” than it was intended, so fuck it why not just do a realism version of Dali!

Embrace your mistakes and don’t beat yourself up. I’m truly proud of my work because I thought I wouldn’t be able to draw portraits during the time I was pretty much negative with my capabilities.‬

Uploaded: Apr 24, 2016

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Tags: #dali, #mixedmedia, #plywood, #realism

published 2 years ago