Ms House

While everybody has been enjoying the new Fallout game Ive actually gone back a bit & been re-playing through New Vegas. Loving the feel of that game, & I felt like sharing my experience with you here with Abigail, my default fallout character. She's a smooth talking charmer who does whatever she can to get people on her side, she even manages to seduce the guy who shot her in the head at the start of the game! All so she can kill him & wear his suit of course. Now she lives in the Lucky 38, having re-opened the casino & changed her name to Ms House. As for the actual Mr House, he's still alive, just not in any position to get in the way of her plans for the Strip. A lady you certainly want to have on your side.

This was made mainly in Artrage over a few days, then brought into Photoshop Elements for some final tweaks & lighting adjustments.

Uploaded: Jul 12, 2016

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published 2 years ago