With its diverse, distinctive and colorful flowers primrose brings a lot of positive mood in the winter grayness. It is the precursor of a new season, thus justifying puts on "Primula" actually means "first"!

Pillowy primrose (Primula acaulis) is one of the best-selling plants certainly in this period. The question is why is it so popular: the color of its flowers catch the eye like a magnet. If the flowers look more carefully, you always discover new color combinations with interesting transitions. Rarely is over the purchase of a single item!

Full primrose, whose flowers resemble tiny roses, from February enriches choice. Several years ago this kind is treated as particularly attractive and rare, and now varieties in yellow, white, orange, red and blue perceive (and literally) to flourish. Dense and full of flowers, romantic look to present an appropriate manner: in a conspicuous place, tucked in the soft moss surrounded by a wreath of willow branches or in combination with lisnodekorativnim plants such as ivy and ornamental grasses, become attractions.

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