GAC Motor’s GS8, a c-level high-end SUV

GAC Motor, one of China's leading automobile manufacturers, released its first 7-seat SUV, the GS8, at Hangzhou International Expo Center, the main venue of the G20 summit on Oct. 26.
A c-level high-end SUV self-developed by GAC Motor, the GS8 meets the North American SUV roof anti-force standard and redefines Chinese high-end SUV market. It integrates the GAC production system, global R&D network and global supply chain system and has formed the core competitive advantage of sustainable development, leading Chinese brands with innovative paces.
An important step in GAC Motor's strategic plan to fully enter high-end market, the GS8 is a c-level high-end product based on the creative cross-platform modular architecture, a platform focusing on technological innovation to guarantee quality consistency, lowers production and manufacturing cost, accelerates development speed, and expands technical advantages among competitors.
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