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With all of the high-end Smartwatches available today. Namely the Apple Watch, and the Samsung Gear. I wondered if a low-end Smartwatch is worth it. So I got the SMARTER DZ09 Gear S Bluetooth Smartwatch, And I was pleasantly surprised. For under $30, it had A multitude of preloaded apps, and A decent display. Setting it up with the app is a hassle though. This is to be expected since it's originally written in chinese.
So I hope you guys enjoy the Unboxing and first look at this smartwatch. And please let me know in the comments which other product you want to see next. Also feel free to Share this video with family and friends. #GETEXCITED !

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Will I like this Smartwatch? Who knows? That's coming up!
Hello guys, This is The Reviews Dude And guess what we have today? I've got A Smartwatch! Hopefully it doesn't disappoint Let's crack this baby open Pretty nice box The actual Watch Pretty nice! Lets see what else comes in the box A Micro USB wire Instructions And that's it, empty box
I don't know if you guys could see that, but it comes A little ripped over there I hope that's not indicative of what type of product it is Speaker, Micro USB input Camera, Microphone, And A home button It passed the look test that's forsure
If you double-click the home button, it does have the wrong day. It has 3 different faces. Pretty cool right there You could have A Phonebook, to add new Contacts. It's got Messaging, Remote Notifier, Camera, Image Viewer, Calculator, Calendar,
Sound Recorder, FM Radio, Browser, Audio Player, Profiles,Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, QR Code, Video Player, Twitter, Anti-Loss, Facebook, and Video Recorder. I mean, that's allot of apps, If those all work, This thing is definitely pleasantly surprizing. It is hard to get open. I opened the back here, and you see right away that there's A lithium ion battery, pop that out, and there's 2 slots. A Micros USB slot, and a Sim Card slot. This can actually work as a stand-alone phone. The apple watch is not A stand-alone phone, it only works connected to your phone. Pretty awesome feature! Comfortable band, A couple of things here. The microphone, is on the opposite side. When I want to talk into the watch, I want it to be on my side. I would definitely rather have my speaker facing me, So it's closer to my ears. This speaker is actually faced down, and my wrist would be drowning out the sound. Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised. Comment below, what you think about these features, and what you would do differently. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up. If you want to see more of this this type of content, Subscribe to this Chanel. I do unboxings of all kinds of New and Cool Tech. Signing out, this is The Reviews Dude. And as always, GET EXCITED!

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