GOSA company was established in 1923. Serbian and French capital called Jasenica AD, as a workshop for the repair of wagons and steel construction. The beginning of the production program of the current company GOSA FOM AD formed in 1930 with the establishment of workshops for making steel structures, cranes, bridges and other objekata.Period from 1950 to 1960 is characterized by the production of steel structures for various purposes, cranes, tanks and equipment for power plants. In the mid seventies production program includes the production of coke and metallurgical equipment and the early eighties begins production of mining equipment for underground and aboveground mining and gear. Those were the years in which he laid the foundation of the production program GOSA FOM and the period of the conquest of European and world markets. Along with the winning new products and markets Gosa Fom-established and important business - technical cooperation with foreign partners. With German companies Takraf and Eickhoff resulted in the production of complete mining equipment and gear of the highest quality has been established and achieved significant cooperation with famous European and world companies in the field of energy, metallurgy and mining. Deflection investment and personnel in the continuous development of new products, with the immeasurable help and support of business partners, formed the current production program of the company, which includes equipment for the energy, coke and metallurgical equipment and machinery, mining equipment, equipment, process equipment, gears, steel structures and bridges.

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