The Pink Panther 2 by RavenTL


The sequel to "The Pink Panther" is another minimovie, even longer, based around the Pink Panther theme.


This is a great minimovie which is genuinely fun to watch and delightful in its execution. The first Pink Panther movie was stylish and used its theme to really weave an interesting little movie together but it was also quite short so I wondered how a longer movie along similar lines would hold up. Turns out very well indeed as this movie not only builds upon the good things in the first but goes beyond and elevates itself to a higher level overall.

A movie which has style and flair coming out of every pore the creativity practically drips off each sequence as the viewer is treated to light-hearted use of the Pink Panther acter to push the movie along, point to the action and ensure interesting transitions throughout. Where in other movies effects could have been tacky or annoying here they are wonderful surprises which light the viewer up with a kind of child-like glee, the paws bursting out of the inferno A site sequence being a nice example.

This is a movie which qualifies as a masterclass of editing to show young moviemakers that if they have good but otherwise uninspired material that they can elevate it to something special if they use editing techniques in the right way and for the right reasons. A must watch and a future classic.

Directed: Drazen \'RavenTL\' Buncic
Produced: MovieNations
Leith: 4:05 Size: 114 mb
Codec: x264
Resolution: 1024x576


Counter Strike 1.6
Macromedia Flash 8
Sony Vegas Video 7.0b
Adobe After Effects 7.0
Photoshop CS 2
Virtual Dub


NEO - The Pink Panther Theme (New Rockers Remix)
NEO - PinkbeatNEO - The Pink Panther Theme (Steve Lyon mix)
Fischerspooner - The Pink Panther Theme (Fisherspooner Mix)


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