Bonterra: 30 Years’ Organic Farming

For three decades, Bonterra Organic Vineyards (“Bonterra”) has been inspired by the purity of organic fruit grown in its Mendocino County vineyards. Celebrating its 30th year of organic farming in 2017, Bonterra has evolved from a niche label catering to a small but passionate audience to the U.S.’ leading wine made from organically grown grapes, with year over year growth significantly outpacing the broader wine category. Today, Bonterra will be recognized as American Winery of the Year at the annual Wine Star Awards ceremony hosted by Wine Enthusiast magazine in Miami, Florida. It will be the first time the American Winery of the Year award is bestowed on a vintner dedicated to organic farming, and signals the blossoming acclaim and popularity of this once-niche segment of the wine landscape.
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