The Heart of Deaf Gain

ASL Rose invites you to reflect on the many facets of Deaf Gain and its importance in both Deaf and hearing societies. Instead of focusing on the lack of, the loss, or the negative aspect of being Deaf, which is not very loving, Deaf Gain focuses on the positive aspects of being Deaf, which then makes it easier to love the Deaf parts and ultimately, to love the entire Deaf person and the Deaf world. Deaf Gain rejects the medical perspective that being deaf is a problem that needs to be fixed.
Show your love in supporting Deaf schools with bilingual-bicultural education programs, and the preservation of ASL and Deaf culture through strong advocacy for Deaf rights. Protest against hearing-centric science and medicine like the Children’s Memorial Hermann’s stem cell study, which infringe upon the rights of deaf children and people everywhere. Science and medicine should be used to improve people’s lives, not extinguish a cultural and linguistic minority group. Let’s use information and education to protect the heart of Deaf Gain and move toward an audism-free society together.

Best of all, Deaf Gain has heart!

Drawn by Paia Schroeder, February 2012

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published 3 years ago