Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is a symbol of friendship, unity and peace in the land of Kazakhstan. The opening of the Palace of Peace and Concord took place September 1, 2006. The idea of ​​building in the capital of the young republic of the palace as a pyramid, which would be the venue of the Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions and personified the desire to the young independent state for peace and harmony, belongs to the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev.
This idea was proposed to them at the I Congress of World and Traditional Religions held in Astana in 2003 and has become a landmark event of the early 21st century. The work of the Second Congress has already passed in the new palace - the Palace of Peace and Accord.
The author of the project is the renowned British architect Norman Foster. The base of the pyramid 62h62 m, height of 62 meters. The top of the pyramid is decorated with a work of art of the artist Brian Clarke - stained glass window depicting 130 pigeons symbolizing the nationalities living in the Kazakh land.
At the opening ceremony on the stage of the Palace of the Opera Hall made the world opera star Montserrat Caballe.

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Peace and Reconciliation??? No, it's Palace of Illuminati. ;)