Referral Program That Works

Earn up to $5 for each your contact that is accepted into Fliiby Monetization Program. No limits in number of people you can invite.

Fliiby Referral Program

Take advantage of Fliiby Referral program & your contact network. For each your contact that is accepted into Fliiby Monetization Program we're going to reward you with up to $5. There is no limit in number of people you can invite or amount you can earn. Check out Terms and Help sections for more details.

General Terms and Guiedlines for Referral Program

Referrals that agree to the online Fliiby Terms and Content Guidelines are required to adhere to the following policies, so please read them carefully. If you fail to comply with these Terms and Guidelines without permission from Fliiby, will result in your account been blocked, payments retained and even your entire account deleted! Because we may change our policies at any time, please check here often for updates. In accordance with our online terms, it's your responsibility to keep up to date with, and adhere to, the policies posted here.

Definitions and Interpretation

"Referral" means a Candidate and voluntarily participates in the referral program by referring eligible friends to become Referee.
"Referee" means a person who is not an existing member of Fliiby and who has given his/her approval and whom the Referral has referred through the referral program.

Period of Validity

Referral Program is valid from 1st July 2015 until midnight of 31st December 2016. Any referrals made after this date will not be eligible for a reward under this program. Fliiby reserves right to change end date of program with prior notice to all referrals.


You will receive your referral code in form of ?ref=username that you can append on any fliiby url you plan to send/promote to your contacts. Contacts must come to Fliiby from this url in order to track and set cookie with referral code that will be used during account creation to mark that user as your referee. Cookies are valid for period od 180 days (six months)

Account Validity

Valid referee - for which one you earn commision - is user who have crated Fliiby Account and joined Fliiby Monetization Program. By joined we mean his/her account has been reviewed and accepted into Monetization Program (status 'accepted' under your referees downline) We manualy review all applications and if aligned with Monetization Program Terms and Guidelined we approved them.

Fake Accounts

Referrals may not create new accounts on their own or use any means to create new accounts artificially, including manual methods. Account creation must result from genuine user interest. Any method that artificially creates accounts with your referral code is strictly prohibited. These prohibited methods include, but are not limited to, repeated manual account creation, automated account creation via generating tools and the use of robots or deceptive software. Please note that creating on your own new accounts with your referral code for any reason is prohibited.


You may not abuse referral program to spam people to join. Any such method we notice or complaint we receive may result in your account being banned from referral program.


Why is Referral Program discontinued?

As of 18. September 2017 we have discontinued Fliiby Referral Program due to large number of fake accounts being created through it. All legimit Referrals who have qualified for the payments within September 2017 will receive their payouts as soon as we process statistics for that month and will have access to old dashboard for review but no new referrals will count after 18.Sep 2017. Thank you all (expect spammers and people just trying to cheat the system) for being part of this program and for helping our community grow. For any questions contact us at

How much I earn per referee?

Revenue per contact depends on your referral status and country tier of your referee. For each person you refer to Fliiby and is accepted into Fliiby Monetization you earn an minimum of $1. If your referral status is 'golden' you earn $3 per referee from Tier 2 countries and $5 per referee from Tier 1 countries.

When do I get paid?

Minimum payout is 25/$USD for PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and 250/$USD for Bank Wire. If you do not reach minimum the money is carried over to the next month. Payment is done on NET 30 terms. For example if you made over 250/$USD in January, we shell make payment to you at beggining of March.

What payment options do you have?

We pay referrals via Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer and Bank Wire metod. We work on adding more payment options at the moment.

What is country tier (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier3) ?

Tier is group of countries for which we make different comission per referee (if you're 'golden' referral) There are 3 country tiers:
Tier 1 : US, UK, CA, AU
Tier 2 : EG, DE, FR, NZ, JP, SE, IT, ES, NO, NL, BE, CH, DK, AT, FI, IE, BR, SG, TH, HK, ZA, RU, AE, MX, PL, MA, PT
Tier 3 : All other countries

What is my referral status?

You start with 'silver' referral status that guarantees $1 commision for each your referee. You can qualify and get 'golden' referral status that guarantees up to $5 commision for each your referee (depending of country tier)

How to upgrade my referral status to 'golden' ?

Once you qualify for first minimial payment or your referee list starts looking interesting to us, we may review your referral application and upgrade you to 'golden' status. This step is done manualy by Fliiby Team on sole decission.

What is referee status?

Once your referee joins fliiby it get status of a 'user'. When that user applies for F.M.P his/her status is changed to 'under review'. If user is denied from FMP you will see status 'declined'. If accepted status will change to 'accepted' and you earn commision.